The auto technician who is working on your car is essentially a car doctor.

You wouldn’t go to a doctor who wasn’t a licensed M.D, so why not bring your VW
& Audi to Dubclinic. We have the Dr. Dub, who is a Master Technician and
has the experience, expertise and skills to repair and service your VW & Audi.

Factory Trained * Factory Certified * Volkswagen Automotive Group Specialist


Audi vehicles are luxury machines from the iconic German carmaker, VW. Audi cars and SUVs are built to a higher standard. Powerful performance, accurate handling, and a striking road presence have made Audi vehicles very popular in and around Silicon Valley. You can keep your Audi operating at its best with knowledgeable service and the necessary care.

Custom and Performance Upgrades
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Your Volkswagen is reliable and performs efficiently, it’s no wonder VW cars and SUVs are so popular throughout Silicon Valley. Whether you drive a Jetta, Tiguan or E-Golf, your VW will continue performing well as long as you give it the necessary care at the right time.